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Samsung Internet Browser Beta (App) – Download by Samsung

Samsung introduced new Internet Beta App, launched on August 24, 2017, giving you the early access to the newest and exciting features with secured, private, optimized and well-developed mobile web browser.

Security & Privacy Protection :

Samsung Internet also helps you protect your personal data while browsing the Internet as follows:

1.Content Blockers:

Samsung Internet App for Android users permits 3rd party apps to supply filters for Content Blocking. You can browse the web without inessential content disarranging your screens.With a Content Blocker enabled to your Android, have a look in the menu to see how many contents have been blocked with the new Content Blocker Status UI as well.

  1. Tab Swipe

You can Swipe left or right in the URL bar or bottom toolbar in order to navigate to your previous or next tab.

  1. Quick Menu:

A new Quick Menu can be equipped in the Extensions, providing fast access to functional features.

4.High Contrast Mode:

A new High Contrast Mode can be fitted in the Accessibility settings, for those who need increased contrast to view web pages more easily like visually impaired.

5.More Comfortable:

Samsung Internet App supports functional features that make your everyday browsing more comfortable and more useful.


  1. Web Payments :

Online Shopping on the web will be more secure and easier than ever with the support for the new Web Payments API, allowing you check out and pay securely with only a few taps ever on Android.

  1. CloseBy (Physical Web):

It also allows you to approach Physical Web, and notifies you of CloseBy Physical Web displaying the title and description of the website you are viewing or visiting.

  1. Progressive Web Apps indication badge:

Progressive Web Apps are the applications which can be installed on Android like apps or used in the Web browser. When the page you are viewing or visiting supports this feature, an indication badge will appear in the URL bar of the web browser.

  1. Amazon Shopping Assistant:

Amazon Shopping Assistant can be turned on to facilitate you to get the best deals when shopping online on the web while comparing products with Amazon.

  1. Video Assistant:

Video Assistant feature permits you to control between several viewing modes while watching videos and movies. Pop-up player permits you to browse the web while watching videos and more.

Better joined-up Samsung devices:

Samsung internet App provides you a stable and continuous user experience among several Samsung devices.

Essential reality is also available for the web. Just place the phone into a Gear or VR or daydream set while viewing a web page and it will automatically open Virtual Reality.

Samsung internet App is now also optimized for desktop browsing as well with the support of Dex


Some New Features:

  1. Enables High Contrast Mode
  2. Upgraded and Updated Web Page
  3. Enabled features with the support of flags including Web Bluetooth and more.

It wors on the Android version of 6.0, and you have to update the software to run App permissions.

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