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Hidden Functions on the Samsung Galaxy S8

The many rumors revealing everything you needed to know about the Galaxy S8, did not blunt the appeal of the conference and the announcement of the product. Samsung has benefited from an excellent media relay for its new machine, which will have the task to make to forget the Note7. Unlike Samsung Note 7, they are very careful on the batteries. Remember that the Galaxy S8 may be less autonomous than its predecessor of S7.

After the grip of the Galaxy S8, its big brother S8 + and a first return on the dock DeX, transform the Galaxy S8 into a small PC. let us focus on the few details of the technology and interface with some functions.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Floating and Zoom Button Of a Finger Slip

The camera settings menu reveals a floating shutter button that you can move anywhere on the screen and then press to take a picture. By sliding the shutter button up or down, you can zoom in or out.

Galaxy S8 – 3D Touch

Long press on some applications will allow launching different shortcuts. A feature introduced by Apple and its 3D Touch also natively included in Android N. Note that it will also be possible to adjust the sensitivity of the Home key.

Galaxy S8 – Customizable Navigation Key

If you prefer to assign the Return to the right key and recent applications to the left, you can exchange the default order through the parameters. It will also be possible to select a color for the navigation bar.

Galaxy S8 – Performance Mode

The Galaxy S7 gave the choice between a gaming mode and battery saving. On the S8, you will have to juggle between a more resource-efficient Optimization mode, a Game, Entertainment and High-Performance mode.

Galaxy S8 – More Widget

In theory, Samsung offers new widgets on the Always-On display, Also note that ” It is possible to switch the lock screen to arrive directly on the Home screen when the screen is off, To do this, select the option in the settings and hold the Home key.
At the end, it becomes more difficult to say who wins the game of the year if we compare Samsung galaxy s8 vs iPhone 7.

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