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Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date News and Rumors – What to Expect From New Flagship

Though Samsung Galaxy S8 is new, the latest and up to the mark in step with 2017 however; these qualities can’t overtake its successor. The flagship device Galaxy s9 which can be launched in 2018 has been the center of attraction from currently.

According to reports, Samsung has started the assembly of Samsung Galaxy S9, hats off to Samsung for their approach they have kept their lips tight. They haven’t even proclaimed the date of launch of Galaxy S9. So, during this article, we’ll be talking about the concerned rumors and its expected specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors

The Samsung is one among the few corporations who are innovative and capable enough to push the technological envelope on every occasion with a replacement device they launch annually. Similarly, the Galaxy S9 is one capable of raising the technology level.

Nowadays, each and every company is raring to develop a replacement technology with its innovation and concepts. So, it’s going to happen that Samsung will take advantage of this advancement and convey a stalwart device to the market.

Network connectivity

You will be glad to grasp that Samsung Galaxy S9 will be powered by a 1 Gbps LTE Cat16 permitting users to relish LTE networks and even future 5G networks. As the use of the web has been extended with an excellent quantity, therefore it’d be mandatory for network operators to upgrade to 5G networks from 4G. So, this next generation device ought to be capable of supporting 5G networks.


The screen size of the Galaxy S9 is rumored to be of 5.8 inches with a Gorilla Glass 4 which might shield it from being damaged or broken. It would be superb to hold it with Gorilla Glass 4 even on its back. The perimeters of the screen are going to be serpentine that it’d increase the viewing angle. Not solely this, the screen is anticipated to be created with such a technology that it’d bounce off the water.

The screen is reported to be of 4K quality with a resolution of 4096*2160 creating it something attractive to look at a video or pic. The 4K video quality is latest until currently and would be the nice gift for cinema and game lovers.

Samsung is now signing the deal with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). ORNL is developing a screen coat that might resist the mud and dirt. Moreover, that coating deflects the sun rays and leaves no fingerprint smudges. With this, Samsung can take the water resistance to future level. In step with ORNL, there ought to be a contact angle of a minimum of 150 degrees to create the surface waterproof and also the company offers a coating that provides the screen an angle of quite 155 degrees which suggests this coating is applied to the device it’d bounce off the water.

Near Field Communication

NFC would build this phone stand out of the group. This exceptional feature allows the short-range communications between the devices that square measure compatible. The NFC will need something like a sending device and different device that may receive the signals from sending device.

Artificial Intelligence

Samsung Galaxy S9 would go with something new like computing. Samsung has recently acquired a startup that is developing computing. Engineers of the corporate are operating to their level best to develop this feature within the Samsung Galaxy S9 to rival the Amazon’s EcoDot. Viv is that the name of the startup that Samsung has acquired to present a next generation feature to the Galaxy S9.

Release Date and price

If Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S9 at MWC, just like all different devices did, then it’s expected to launch at the top of February 2018.  The Galaxy S8 was launched in the initial days of March 2017, where we compare the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7: Who Will Win the Game Of the Year.

Talking about the amount and considering the company’s past, each upgraded edition has been launched with the next worth as compared to the last edition. So, wherever the Galaxy S8 was launched at $849, the Galaxy S9 with next generation options is anticipated to launch with a price tag of $950.


If all the rumors and expectations are proved correct by the corporate in its launch of Galaxy S9 within the next year, then this device would be a stalwart and a flagship for the year 2018. Numerous reports and company’s executive have given hints regarding the new features of Galaxy S9, however hats off to the company’s administration that it has kept lips tight enough to not utter something before the time.

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