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Samsung Update will Brick all Note 7 Units Coming Week

Galaxy Note 7 is about to end and finally these phones will not be available to function at any cost. Samsung has announced to they are preparing to distribute a firmware update for Note 7 for all US Cellular branded models to stop that from charging until battery turns flat. An owner US Cellular service has received a message on 8th December from Samsung that:

“As of December 15, Samsung will modify the software to prevent the Galaxy Note 7 from charging. The phone will no longer work,”

AT&T, Verizon and other service providers have rolled out updates in the past to disable features on the unit and it seems that these Cellular Brands might be on table with Samsung and part of it.

Well the authenticity of this message is yet not confirmed as Screenshot of Message was published by blog The Verge . Apart from that over past few weeks Samsung move to partner with various operators in Canada, Australia and New Zealand to limit the maximum charging capacity of Note 7 Users and to end network access shows that there is some weight in this claim and supports speculations that this is end of Note 7 units.

Samsung Note 7 Owners were in past were advised to recall all of their Note 7 Phones but owners didn’t comply to company request even after second recall most of users didn’t return their Note 7 in exchange for another Device or full cash refund. This shows that Samsung has now went to option where they will kill all Units in that region and further to others.

Well if update is out soon then Note 7 will completely be Bricked for Users and would be of no good use, Samsung still offers Note 7 users to exchange note 7 with other device or get full refund, its better for users to return and it wont stop until all units are returned completely.


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