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RUSH : The Movie Inspired By the Battlefield Video Game Series

Preview the trailer of the movie RUSH, a film inspired by the famous license of Electronics Arts: Battlefield. Action and not bad show with a special character

After the films on Activision’s Call of Duty series. Or the film on the FarCry series by Ubisoft, here is the film inspired by the franchise Battlefield of Electronics Arts. Entitled RUSH, the film is a rather interesting first trailer, with on top of that Steven Ogg, the actor who plays the role of Trevor Philips in Grand Theft Auto V.

Video games adapted to the cinema are numerous. Tomb Raider with the beautiful and now single Angelina Jolie. Prince of Persia, Hitman and Resident Evil. Unfortunately, good adaptations are counted on the five fingers of the hand. Other games, such as Call of Duty or FarCry, have had the right to adapt to the modest budget, but to better rendering (or not).

This will be the case for RUSH, a film inspired by the Battlefield license which will probably not compete with Hollywood’s enormous budgets, but which risks being very faithful to the license and rather of good quality. Especially since the means are rather large for a “small production”.


A casting of choice with guest Steven Ogg, an actor who has talked a lot about him since 2013 and the release of Grand Theft Auto V. Indeed, it is the actor who plays the role of Trevor Philips in the blockbuster From Rockstar Games. After Better Call Saul or The Walking Dead, Steven Ogg takes on the military costume.

Waiting for the messiah of the FPS, Battlefield 1 will land on October 21, 2016, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As a result, the game will be available as of October 18 for Xbox One players via EA Access.

The game is likely to surpass its rival Call of Duty this year due to the success of the trailers and the incredible success of the beta that took place a few days ago.

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