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Photoscan : Digitize you old pictures

Google photo app is available in every android phone and holds all photos and videos in it. An Update is about to roll in where you can turn you all old photos into new ones. There are old photos that you want in you phone to look to look great and have no errors in it such as old photo of you in city and people you knew. We all have such old photos in albums in box  full of them . its very hard to digitize them you may take photo of those photos giving glare , blurry and uneven results and even buying a scanner and spend time fixing it is frustrating.

Under all such Circumstances and problems, we all needed a solution a solution that will save us all from frustration and headache to get that rightly digitized a way forward so google is about to introduce a standalone app in Google Photos known as Photoscan it can easily scan photos freely. It will give the best possible digital results in seconds, app itself detects edges, removes glares, sets orientation automatically and straighten image up automatically. These images are later saved in google photos where they get organized, shared and kept as backup.

After all that time in the attic, your photos might need a few polishes. Or you might even want to edit that selfie from this morning. Getting the right look can take a lot of time and with so many editing tools it’s tough to know where to begin.

All old photos don’t come in good shape and conditions time effects them and they need refinement in it.  To deal with these needs 3 new features are rolled out which includes improved auto enhance feature, new filters, and advanced editing options tool. Auto enhance if is set on auto will generate instant changes like saturation, exposure, brightness and saturation balance. 12 new filter or styles added gives great results. Each photo has editing options where you can set warmth, brightness, darkness, or saturation before applying filters/ styles. Advanced features also include tuning options like tuning colors, warmth, handling shadows and highlights

This app is out on IOS, Android and Web sources get you app now.


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