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Motorola Plans To Release 16 New Mods Next year

It Seems that Modular phones are already getting their popularity because of availability of different mods from respective manufacturers. like we used to have for old Nokia Phones. After reception of LG’s G5 reception in market it seems like Moto Z is only modular phone in Market that will surely make its mark and will catch its potential buyers and users. They hope that they will deliver release a complete variety of mods next coming year.

Motorola had already released 2 mods for Moto Z series and these mods include a Mophine battery (3,000 mAh) and car dock, prior to that they used 2,200 mAh batteries for their phones.

Company has already plans in line for releasing mods and this time they will release it in much better way with aims to release 4 mods every quarter of coming year, 16 mods in year is massive number if we see through history of mods made for smartphones which clearly shows they have better approach as compared to year 2016, it is aid that new mods will include 5g Radio (for data speed), specifications upgrade or the usual camera or secondary display that had been already released.

Motorola has a lot of potential with the Moto Z and their Mods, but first it’s going to have to make it easier to let people get their hands on them because these package and deals are good for US users due to sole reason that Verizon holds the exclusive deals for Motorola phones and they have held it back they hold the control of release dates, the best version we can find in market is only available on Verizon that includes phones like Moto Z force and Moto Z.

The whole releasing thing is in Verizon hands even the unlocked standard version was released after Verizon had made its launch.



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