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Microsoft Solitaire and its Craze will now be on your phones

Most of people might not know about solitaire as they grew up using smartphones but it must be noted that this card game by Microsoft in their OS versions from Xp to Windows 7 all had it and was famously known as time killer other famous games included minesweeper but now you can get this Legendary Game on your Phones.

Solitaire was badly reputed for creating distraction among students in school and people working at work place and this distraction was not just an ordinary distraction it was considered as an endless one.

Who knows now if you are getting that app on phones it may cause a big social distraction chef in kitchen using that for long time making late orders or same way your mum or person cooking is taking too long than usual what could be worse than that if someone is using that in bathroom and is taking ages to get out of there.

Microsoft has brought its Brand of Solitaire to Android and iOS App and Play stores which seems there is friendship tone from Microsoft for its old competitors.

But one thing you need to do first is that if you are a fan of this is to get an Xbox Live account or its apps if there is one available on your phone and this will synchronize whole game between your PC and phone. In case if you have to abandon your game for something and were really into it then this will give you ability to resume your game later on your phone.

Just Click and get your own Solitaire from App Store and Google Play now.


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