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LG G6 release date, news and rumors

Some recent treasure suggested to Alexa and Google Assistant that could include a clear image of LG G6 that shows a metal back brush screen and new dates released by rumors tell that customers might be able to buy this new version on 7th April. This LG G6 mobile will also present in Korean version firm flagship in 2017 that take over the questionable G5. It has amazing features with the two rear cameras that have the accessory slot and allowed their customers to modify their mobile hardware. It was the original smartphones that look like out of the box. But these rumors looks great, it does not nail all the features and basics that the mobile failed to sell in the market. So, there are plenty of improvements for the mobile LG G6. Rumors are planned about the LG on next flagship that is growing slowly. Here are some new rumors about the features of LG G6.

The announcement about this mobile is confirmed on February 26, as the press company conference reschedule it at noon in Barcelona. On the initial opening ceremony about LG about date and time is not known yet, but the framework of this invite roughly at 18:9 aspected ratio. Similar rumours also suggested the wide screen of LG G6. Moreover, a YouTube video also made directly which confirm the launching in February 2017. There are some features that also suggested the recent rumours about this mobile.

LG G6 design: Hottest leaks:

  • A glass or metal body
  • A luxurious look
  • No modules

The leaks news about LG hint a more recent stylish look and has a solid quality to build that have ever seen in previous LG mobile. Some sources told about the Korean site ChosunBiz LG that will use a tempered glass display on new flagship.

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