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Google New Safety App Ensures your Safety

Well a lot of new ideas are coming up these days and in the pool of new apps Google had made its new Safety app that allows your trusted contacts loved to keep track on you be it your family, close friends and people you trust.

It is a simple app and has no tricky options, if you have installed this app on your phone then add contacts that you define as trusted ones, as soon as they get into that trusted list they can request your location and watch for your activities and your location.

Lets suppose you are at some location and some one from your trusted contact requests you to respond with your location and there is no response in 5 minutes then they will get your location automatically everyone in trusted contact list will get your current location. Basic idea is to let your loved ones who care for you to know your location and make sure you are safe or not and may not be useful in many situations.

Well there are other options for user to get them some privacy too, well you can set your location in manual way too if you think its not good for you to reveal your current exact location. It is pretty useful to walk some one home virtually and this app seems pretty good for various uses but there are already some apps people had used who function exactly like them but it has great ability to do good in near future the prime reason is that its from google and runs better and fast as compared to others right now ! its available in Android Store only and iOS version is not out yet.


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