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Reasons for iPhone’s Success

Apple success- reviewsnroid

iPhone is not just a name but a brand. People not only like it but are obsessed with it. iPhone developers have to work hard to win people’s, heart. It has become the signature and people feel proud having it. Apple is working hard since 1981 and has set traditions …

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Android vs. iPhone – Which One Best to Buy?

android vs Iphone

The cold war between Android and iPhone is not new, but it keeps on taking a new twist and turns with a passage of time, especially when opposite company launches any new product or app on customer’s demand. The followers of both leading mobile companies have divided themselves into groups …

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The 5 Best Features of IPhone – You Should Know About

iphone features -

Ever since iPhone has been introduced, it has remained a leader in the smartphone industry. Following are it’s best features and specifications that every user would be fond of. SIRI This program, which is an integral part of iOS, works as a smart virtual assistant and navigator. Using the language …

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