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PubG Recoil Writings

Almost all the armory used in PubG feel revulsion, players and player is supposed to know how to dominate it or set again the recoil by applying a short hold up between shots. However some payers downloads writings and hacks to control this in automated way. This works like this, …

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PubG Speed Cheats

PubG Speed Cheats are not much vicious and sometimes little funny to observe. These hacks give a huge speed increase to player means moving from one side of the map to other side would be in seconds. This seems impossible in game but if you fire a bullet on them …

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Players Unknown’s BattleGrounds (PubG) Hacks and Cheats

PubG hacks have been issue since the shooter first tossed on PC. From aimbots to Location Radars in formals have found progressively compound process to twist their roadway to the peak of PubG’s principal boards. And being execute unjustly is one of the most annoying feeling you can have in …

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